Best Places to Propose in NJ

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This post has been updated March 2022 – Looking for the best places to propose in NJ? You’ve come to the right place. You have found your soulmate, made the choice, bought the ring…now it is time to pop the question! But how should you do it? Where would be the perfect backdrop to your profession of love? A wedding proposal is one of life’s special moments, and you want yours to not only be memorable, but to reflect you and your partner’s relationship. Here are 8 perfect proposal ideas including the best, most romantic places in New Jersey.

1. Overlooking The Great Falls

Paterson, NJ has many spots to get engaged, and one of the most beautiful is The Great Falls on the Passaic River. The falls are 77 feet high and one the highest waterfalls in the United States. They are both beautiful and spectacular in equal measure. There are several viewing points available, each of which makes a perfect place for a certain question!

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2. Near The Ocean At A New Jersey Beach

It’s hard to beat a breathtaking sunset proposal near the ocean. With 130 miles of sandy shores from central to southern New Jersey you are bound to find the perfect spot to profess your lifelong devotion. When choosing you may want to pick a place close to a restaurant or bar so you can celebrate when you get your YES!

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3. In The Halls Of Princeton University

If you are a couple with a passion for academia then Princeton University may be the perfect proposal idea for you. Need a suggestion for the best spot? Nassau Hall is Princeton’s oldest building (over 250 years old) and rich in history. Not only is the university itself world-renowned and beautiful, but the surrounding campus with it’s tree-dotted lawns would make a stunning backdrop as well.

4. Dining At Scarborough Fair Restaurant

If the fastest way to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach then Scarborough Fair Restaurant could be the perfect place for you to propose. Scarborough Fair home of the private dining “alcoves”, gets it’s romantic ambience from it’s rustic décor, unique architecture and mood lighting. It was also an OpenTable Award Winner for Romance. And who doesn’t love the applause of other diners excited to watch your special moment unfold before their eyes!

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5. Among The Clouds At The Top Of High Point Monument

If you and your partner love heights and history then High Point Monument may be for you! The granite obelisk, similar to Bunker Hill, stands at the highest elevation in the state of New Jersey. It is dedicated to America’s veterans, and there are trees in the High Point State Park older than the country itself. Climb to the top (a whopping 1,803 feet above sea level), see the spectacular panorama of rich farmland and forest, soft hills and lush valleys in three states (the blue line of the Delaware River divides the verdant ridges of New Jersey from those of Pennsylvania), and ask your love to be yours forever. High Point also offers superb trails for hikers and skiers and quiet spots for campers and anglers.

So there you have it. Regardless of what your interests are or what type of things you love to do, there is a perfect proposal idea in New Jersey just for you!

6. New Jersey Botanical Sky Garden

If you’re looking of a picture perfect place to get engaged, then the New Jersey Botanical Sky Garden is one of the best places to propose in NJ. Explore the manor then take a stroll through its beautiful garden. Plan a surprise picnic then pop the question. We can’t think of a lovelier spring proposal than this.

7. Pier C of Waterfront

Pier C of Waterfront in Hoboken is a great place to propose with splendid waterfront and city views. Time the proposal around sunset so you get the added ambience of those pretty sunset colors in the sky. Plan on revisiting every anniversary so you can remember and appreciate your special moment.

8. Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Did you know the Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest surviving lighthouse in the United States? If you plan on your love standing the test of time, then this might be the perfect place to propose. We recommend hiring a photographer to photograph your proposal so you can capture the special moment in such a unique location.

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