7 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Much like tossing the bouquet or dancing with your dad, the wedding guest book is a tradition at weddings. However, this wedding tradition sometimes lacks in the details. Typically a blank, page-lined book does the trick. But your wedding stands out because of the details. I mean, how boring is it to just have a book with a bunch of signatures? Will you ever go and look through that book? Ok maybe once, but after that probably not. You know who was at your wedding from the pictures, but you don’t want to miss out on this tradition. That’s why we suggest these 7 wedding guest book alternatives below.
Wine Bottle
Perfect for a vineyard wedding or a wine-loving couple. Have your guests sign one of the winery’s signature bottles. On your first wedding anniversary drink the bottle (but obviously save the bottle and cork).
Jenga Pieces
Game night will be extra special now. Have your wedding guests sign a jenga piece or leave a fun message on it. Playing the game will be added fun reading back all of the memories people have written on each piece.
If traveling the world is your thing, then have your guests sign a globe. It will be your new favorite way to see the world.
Whether your crafty or just like to snuggle together, a quilt is a unique way to wear your wedding day. Have guests sign a piece of square fabric. After the wedding have all the fabric assembled together into a beautiful quilt. Maybe even throw in a piece of your wedding gown or baby clothes from when you were both younger.
Engagement Picture
Get one of your favorite engagement photos enlarged and have guests sign the canvas. It’s a cute way to tie your engagement photos into an extra special memory.
Whether you have already lived together or you plan to start upon marriage, bringing a piece of furniture into your home signed by your guests is a special way to remember your wedding. Whether it’s the frame of a mirror or a wooden bench, this is unique way to make use of your wedding guest book.
Bucket list
Grab a tin pale or a beach bucket and scraps of paper. Guests can write suggestions for ideas, goals, advice for your bucket list as newlyweds. Upon your first anniversary (or right after your honeymoon) sit down together and read all of the suggestions and words of wisdom.

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