Alternatives to Scrapbooking – Display Pictures Without Making a Scrapbook

A party is a great way to celebrate a special event and make memories. There are bound to be tons of people snapping away at your next big event, but what are you supposed to do with all those photos? We have some alternatives to Scrapbooking Your Memories!You don’t want them to just sit in a folder on your computer. Many times these photos just get put up on an internet site, like Facebook, and are lost to the internet. A better way to preserve your pictures, and memories, is to make a scrapbook. The days of scrapbooking are behind us but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a new and original way to display your photo without all the glue and glitter. Check out these three great ways to display your party photos!

  1. Have kids at your next party decorate picture frames. Purchase inexpensive frames at the dollar store and provide them with the tools to make each frame their own. Then you can pick your favorite photos to display in the frames. You’ll have a unique decoration for your house or office! Don’t leave pictures trapped in your computer, display them proudly!
  2. If you’re having a photo booth at your next party or wedding reception (we have great photo booth packages here) ask guests to leave one copy of the photo strips in a book with a small note attached. This book can then be displayed right along side your wedding photos or as a coffee table book. Next time you have visitors at your house, they’ll have a blast looking at all the goofy pictures from the party.
  3. Scrapbooks are a great way to keep all your memories, including brochures, ticket stubs, and those little details that complete events. Instead of putting all that in a book, put it in a picture frame. Purchase a shadow picture frame and fill it with all those memories. Pick one prominent picture from the party to display in the frame and accessories with all the other details. Check out this great project idea for inspiration.

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