In light of recent times, many couples who are planning a wedding, or have postponed, are reconsidering their options. Some of those options include having a backyard wedding in New Jersey, smaller gatherings, and elopements.

Backyard wedding in New Jersey

The challenge couples are facing: Planning the wedding of your dreams, while keeping your friends and family safe. All while abiding to local regulations.

Here are a few emerging trends that will make your wedding safe yet memorable, despite the times we live in.

Backyard wedding

A backyard wedding is a great option for couples who want to invite many family members and friends to their celebration, and have more than enough space to create safe distances.

Why we love the idea of a backyard wedding in New Jersey:

  • The idea of exchanging vows in a very familiar place makes our hearts go pitter-patter. If you choose your own backyard, you’ll forever remember the momentous day you said, “I do” every time you step outside.
  • You can still receive the perks of a “normal wedding” (by normal we mean a wedding held under normal circumstances) by having great décor, the perfect soundscape, and memorable wedding photos. Best of all your family and friends can still be a part of it.
  • You can make it as lavish or as minimalist as you’d like.

Smaller gatherings

Another great option is a smaller, more intimate gathering in order to meet local requirements for indoor venues and spaces. By small we mean gatherings of up to 25. (Make sure to check-in with your local government and wedding venue for the most updated and accurate information.)

Why we love the idea of a small wedding:

  • As they say, “All You Need is Love” so a small gathering with the people you love the most is enough to fill your heart with love and to create lasting memories.
  • Small scale weddings can be very elegant and make for nice pictures.
  • Your guests can still celebrate with music and dancing, so long as families from different households maintain a safe distance.

Elope now, party later

Sometimes, love can’t wait. That’s why many New Jersey couples are opting for elopements while sending out save-the-dates for a future, larger gathering.

Why we love the idea of an eloping now, partying later:

  • It’s a very romantic idea to exchange vows a la “just the two of us” style
  • It’s proof that love conquers all
  • You can still celebrate with family and friends, even if it’s later, during a safer date
  • You’ll have plenty of time to plan the wedding of your dreams and to coordinate the details with your vendors, including your DJ

Regardless of whether you’re having a backyard wedding, a small intimate gathering, or saving the party for a later date, Create Excitement is here to help you with all your entertainment needs. Click here to check our availability and see you on the dance floor.

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