Bridal Shower Party Planning Ideas in NJ – Upgrade Your Party!

We’’ve talked a lot about planning various parties here. Weddings, sweet sixteens, graduation parties, summer parties, holiday parties; the list goes on, but how about Bridal Showers? What about bridal shower party planning ideas?

Planning a wedding comes with planning a variety of other parties. You have the engagement party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and the bridal shower – so let’s look at some ideas! 

Bridal Shower Ideas - Upgrade the classic bridal shower with these fun ideas

For the bride, bridal showers can be a lot of fun. They get to see all their friends and family and open gifts! But for the guests, they sometimes can be a little bit boring and outdated. Make sure all your guests have a great time at your bridal shower by incorporating these great ideas!

Make sure your bridal shower is a reflection of you. If you’re more of a pizza and chips kind of gal, have a more casual shower. The shower is all about you so make sure you pick a theme that represents your personality. You want to make sure you’re having fun too! Backyard BBQs are totally fine! It’s your shower, do what you want! !

Instead of throwing a sit down dinner type party, how about a bridal brunch? Guests can come enjoy their favorite breakfast foods, a mimosa bar, and have fun with the bride. Want to have a party later in the day? How about an afternoon tea. Invite guests to a tea parlor to enjoy delicious teas, cakes, and sandwiches. Planning an event during the party means everyone won’t be sitting around doing nothing. !

If you’re having a summer wedding, have your shower outside. Let guests soak in the beautiful sunshine while enjoying a light picnic. Make it extra fancy with gourmet lemonades. They’re not hard to make but add that special extra touch.!

Get everyone involved by having games! It’s fun to watch the bride try to guess facts about the groom, but it’s better to get everyone involved. While the bride opens gifts invite guests to play a game of gift bingo. Each guest gets a bingo card but instead of numbers the spaces are filled with gifts from the registry. The first guest to yell bingo gets a prize! !

Have a great idea for a Bridal Shower? Let us know!!

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