Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

As a bride, you usually don’t have to plan your own bridal shower. Which is a good thing considering you’re already planning the perfect wedding day. Planning a wedding shower can be more work than you think. Of course, we all expect to eat cake and to watch the bride open her gifts, but how do you keep the guests entertained throughout the whole party? Incorporating games can be a great way to get everyone interacting and learn more about the bride at the same time. These are some of our favorite games:

Play a game of bridal bingo. This can be done a few different ways. While the bride is opening her gifts, guests can mark off on the bingo sheets the different gifts. Or you can make bingo more of a trivia game. Replace bingo at the top of the sheet with “bride”. Instead of numbers fill the squares with facts about the bride and groom. Regular bingo rules apply, whoever is the first to mark off five in a row wins.

Put the bride in the hot seat. Before the shower ask the groom to answer questions about his bride and the relationship, like “what’s the bride’s favorite type of music” and “what was your first date, first kiss etc.” At the party ask the bride the same questions. See if she can answer the same way he did.

When you send everyone the invitations include a blank notecard. On the notecard instruct everyone to write a favorite memory of the bride. At the shower read the cards aloud. The bride has a fun keepsake to take home and everyone gets to hear a little bit more about the bride and party guests.

Learning how everyone knows the bride, and the embarrassing stories they share together, will ensure that everyone is laughing and having a great time. Don’t forget the wrapping paper and bow hat made when all the presents are opened the bride has to wear. By adding a few games you can be sure everyone will be talking about how great the shower was!

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