Bridesmaid Dresses – Try Something Different

The wedding dress you choose is very important to your wedding day. After all you are the star of the show and need to be dressed as such. The bridesmaid dresses may not be equally important but they are high on the list. These girls will be standing right besides you as you say “I Do”. 

The days of matching, hideous dresses that can never be worn again are over. Bridesmaid dresses are getting an upgrade. More and more brides have been leaning towards mismatched dresses. Of course the dresses have something in common so the look is still cohesive but every girl can pick the shape of dress that works best for their body. Have everyone pick the same color and length dress but different silhouette.

Or do the opposite. Have everyone wear the same silhouette but in various shades of the same color. This will give the bridal party more of an ombre look as they are standing at the alter. If you love colors try having every bridesmaid wear a different color. You can go for a rainbow look or choose matching tones that compliment each other. Everyone will look like they go together without matching completely.

Lengths are changing for bridesmaids. It’s not longer required you wear floor length gowns. Try going for a short dress for a summer wedding or tea-length dress. The maid of honor can wear a different length to set her apart from the crowd, since she is extra special. You can also consider separates. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding try a skirt and top. The bridesmaids can each choose their own top to go with the same skirt or vice versa.

Mix and match the accents and accessories to each dress. Try having sashes in different complementary colors, different shoes or different jewelry. The bridesmaids can have a more personalized look to make them feel more comfortable standing up in front of all your guests. It is your special day but making everyone feel secure in what they’re wearing will only lessen your stress. Doing something different will set you apart from the crowd and make your special day even more memorable.

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