DIY Wedding Decorations – Save money by making some decorations yourself

There is no way around it. Weddings are expensive. Between the food, the dress, the shoes, and everything in between prices add up. To cut costs in certain areas there are many things you can do yourself, like some of the wedding decoration. Don’’t drive yourself crazy trying to do everything yourself. This is your wedding and you want to enjoy it! Pick and choose certain things you don’t mind doing and won’t take up so much of your time. Here are three ideas for decorations you can make yourself! Here we present DIY Wedding Decorations: Save money by making some decorations yourself! 

Romantic Lanterns

Even if you’re not having an outdoor wedding, you may want to have some lighting set up outdoors, for those entering and leaving or just anyone you wants to step outside to get some air. Romantic lanterns are easy to make, and very inexpensive. Purchase some flameless candles and stick them inside brown paper bags. In the dark, the light will illuminate through the paper bags creating a soft glow. You can even cut out designs in the bags like hearts for an extra romantic touch.


Fresh flowers are expensive. Instead of having a full bouquet for each centerpiece, create your own with a small bowl of water, a few blooms of a flower matching your colors, and floating candles. The look is beautiful and romantic. You can even place a few smaller bowls of floating flowers around the rest of the table. You only need two or three flowers for each centerpiece, saving you tons of money.

Escort Cards

With the invitations, programs, and save the dates the cost of printing adds up. Instead of having escort cards made, make them yourself. You can come with creative ideas to link the escort cards to your themes, like seashells for a beach wedding or mini pumpkins in the fall. If you don’t want to have individualized escort cards, create a giant chalk board with table numbers and each guests name. Guests can just find their name and head over the table. It’s easy, inexpensive, and there is no clean up!

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