Duties of the Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Bridal Party Duties – Wedding Planning

We all understand the wedding duties of a bride and groom. They walk up an aisle. They say a few things. They kiss. We get it. (OK obviously we know a lot more goes into the bride and groom’s wedding responsibilities but we’re talking to the bridal party here!)

The bridesmaids and groomsmen play a major role in the big day and have a major influence on the final outcome. When a member of the bridal party doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s pretty obvious. Think: drunken best man or overly revealing and embarrassing maid of honor speeches.

But with our guidance, it’s totally possible to go down in history and cement your best friend status by being the model bridesmaid or the perfect groomsmen. Here’s how…

When you sign onto being in a wedding party, you’re handing over a large chunk of your social life for the next several months. Instead of keeping a save-the-date on your fridge and otherwise not thinking about the day, you can be proactive about wedding prep plans with your friend. Step up your Pinterest game and show the bride (or Groom) that you’re involved. Be open to giving your opinion on tons of different details and even be willing to offer some options that you think may suit the couple’s wedding day style.

Another way to show your support is to alter your hangouts. Rather than weekly brunch with the girls, turn cake tasting appointments and shoe shopping into your new weekend hang outs. You’re scoring brownie points with your engaged friend and you can get some awesome Instagrammable moments while you’re at it.

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Getting Social

Speaking of Instagram, as a member of the bride or groom’s wedding party, you’re just as important if not more important than the wedding photographer. Witty couple’s hashtags, choosing the most flattering photo filter, and shamelessly sharing as much as possible are among your duties. You should be able to sell yourself as a Social Media Manager on LinkedIn after this. Kim Kardashian had a team on her big day. You are your friend’s team.

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Wedding Planner – The Personal Touch

Beyond doubling as a photographer, bridesmaids and groomsmen overlap duties with wedding planners, too. The wedding planner helps with a venue and general logistics, but they don’t know your friend as well as you do. Is the bride a crier? Have tissues and waterproof mascara ready. Does the groom have trouble handling his tequila? Make sure the bartender hides that bottle of Jose Cuervo. Was your friend always the clumsiest person in college? Tell her to steer clear of stilettos on the big day.

And just like babysitting children (or taking care of your partying friends in college) you’re going to be a bit of a handler leading up to the nuptials. If your friend can’t pee alone in her dress, that’s your job to deal with that. Do not let your friend pee on her dress. In the history books, that’s why people initially came up with the idea of bridesmaids, right?

You would expect the same help on your big day. Just do it. It’s important to have a “Say Yes” attitude when you’re a member of a bridal party.

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Finally, the key to being an ideal bridesmaid or groomsmen? Channel Paula Abdul on American Idol. That means, you have absolutely nothing bad to say about the people, the food, the decorations, the heat, the possible bridezilla,  scenario or anything else. Planning a wedding is stressful, and it’s the job of the bridal and grooms parties to keep it cool when tensions are high. There will always be some minor imperfection, or something that didn’t go as planned, and it’s your job to keep the couple focused on what matters. If that means you need to talk to catering staff or be the first to start line dancing, so be it. Be like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses. Except sell those dresses, girl, that’s valuable closet space!

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