Easy Wedding Reception Themes – Three themes to use at your wedding

There are many details that go into planning a wedding. If you start off picking a theme for your wedding it can make the rest of the planning that much easier. It keeps you on track and can make your wedding a cohesive party. Picking a theme can be harder than you think. There are so many directions you can go in. Do you want an elegant wedding? A fun party? Maybe you want to pick a holiday or season to draw from? Here are three easy themes you can put together yourself but will result in a great party!

Beach Theme

If you’re having a summer wedding, the beach is the perfect theme to celebrate the season. You don’t have to be having your wedding on the beach to utilize this theme. Just add in elements of the beach to your decoration. For the centerpieces, use tiny bottles of sand. Instead of name cards, paint names on seashells. Make sure you keep the colors light and bright, like sea blue and tans.

Carnival Theme

Do you like to have fun? Have a playful reception by incorporating parts of a carnival. Keep the colors of your wedding bright and fun. Instead of a formal sit down dinner, have a buffet full of all your favorite fast food items like burgers, French fries, and corndogs. Make sure you have your favorite desserts like ice cream and cotton candy. Place carnival games throughout the reception and maybe a photo booth. Many of the games you can even make yourself!

Country Theme

Do you love the great outdoors? If you live in cowboy boots and listen to country music, use it as your wedding theme! You don’t have to go as far to have your reception in a barn, but you could if you wanted too! Use cowboy hats as centerpieces. Serve drinks in mason jars. Instead of heels you can even wear your favorite cowboy boots!

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