Easy Appetizers – Make these easy appetizers to impress your guests

Making the food for a party can create a lot of stress. Sure catering is great but sometimes it’s just too expensive. If you’re trying to save money you can make some delicious appetizers for the party that look and taste great but don’t require a lot of work. Check out some of our favorite recipes. You’re sure to impress your guests and save yourself a lot of stress.

Cheese Plate

Creating your own charcuterie platter is not hard but it does look impressive. Pick up a few different spreadable cheeses at the store, some nice bread or crackers, and a few Italian meats like prosciutto. Put some olives or tapenade on the platter. You can add some sweet fruit jams to the mix.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Instead of dipping the fruit yourself, which can be messy and time consuming, put out a tray of strawberries, marshmallows, and any other fruit you think would taste good in chocolate. Then in small cups pre-pour chocolate syrup. Guests can pick up what fruit they would like and dip them in the individual chocolate cups.

Mini Grilled Cheeses

You won’t see these at too many parties. Grilled cheeses are an easy sandwich to make. Cut each sandwich into fourths or even smaller depending how big the bread was you used and serve as an appetizer. You can even fill them with different ingredients like tomato or bacon. You’re guests are sure to be impressed!

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