Engagements photos – Don’t fall into the typical, posed department store photos

Engagements photos are a chance for a couple to present your relationship to friends and family. Don’t fall into the typical, posed department store photos. Do something that represents you as a couple. This is a perfect opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship, whether the photos will be showcased at your wedding or just submitted to the local paper.

Pick a spot that is important to you to take the pictures. If the beach has played a big part in your relationship try the beach. You can incorporate nature on the beach with the ocean and also the fun and excitement of the boardwalk. Do you two love hiking? Try a local park. Enjoy nature and animals? Try a farm or open field to capture the feel of nature. Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you both love amusement parks and rides try a local carnival. This is a way for you two showcase your relationship.

Taking pictures can be uncomfortable at first. Remember to relax and have fun. Staged pictures are great but candid shots can be even better. Be yourself as a couple. Show the love you two have. That’s why you’re taking the pictures in the first place. These photos can be silly. Try bringing props into the mix. At the beach? Try cut outs of wave to pose in front or bubbles to blow at one another.

Being comfortable is key to a good picture. If you’re not feeling good in your clothing, it will show in the pictures. Wear clothes you like. Don’t feel the need to be business casual or too dressy. These pictures are all about you so wear something that you love and showcases you.

We want your love to shine through the camera so have fun and enjoy yourself.

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