Extra Entertainment Bonuses Make for a Great Party

When throwing a party the number one goal is to make it enjoyable. We all just want to have fun. Having a great DJ and great food can make a party. To make it even more memorable add some fun extras. Your guests will enjoy the effort you put in to make sure they have a great time. Here at Create Excitement we offer numerous bonuses you can add to your package. We present: Extra Entertainment Bonuses Make for a Great Party

Want to get everyone involved in the party? Try Karaoke. Everyone will get to pick their favorite song to rock out too. And the audience will be laughing and singing along watching their friends and family put on a show.

Add a photo booth to the party. Provide fun and silly props for guests to use in the pictures. Everyone will get a great keepsake from the party and have fun doing it. Have two copies of the pictures printed out- one for the guests to keep and one to put in a scrapbook for you.

Want to make the party more personal? Make a photo montage. Photo Montages are a great way to keep guests entertained during dinner. Compile your favorite photos and give them to us. We’ll help you put it all together. We can even set the montage to music of your choice.

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