Five Tips for Wedding Reception Introductions – What message do you want to send to your guests?

The wedding reception introductions are an important part of the reception. This time sets the tone for guests to know what to expect for the rest of the event. They can be as unique or traditional as you prefer. Communication with your entertainer is key to ensure smooth flowing introductions. We encourage you to read the following tips and add your own personal flair as desired.

Create Excitement - 5 Tips for Introductions

  1. Mix up the music for you and all members of your bridal party. Create one song for each couple to enter into the room with- preferably a song that has meaning behind it! This is an easy way to personalize the introductions and make them enjoyable for the wedding party as well.
  2. Ask each couple to show off their dance moves! In advance, ask each duo to choose an appropriate song and do a short dance as they enter the reception room. This is a high energy, amusing way to show the guests how much fun you plan on having at your reception. You should also show some spectacular moves as you enter the reception room as well!
  3. Choose an introduction song that has special meaning to you. It can be funny, your college theme song or even a rocking tune that will get your guests in the mood and raise their expectations for a fun-filled, memorable event!
  4. Use personalized introductions! In advance, prepare some notes for your entertainer that describe how the members of your party are related to you or offer some funny and appropriate comments about each guest. Your entertainer will announce the members of the party reading a line or two as they are introduced. Remember these introductions can be as simple as letting the guests know your friend from college is escorted by the cousin of the groom or sentimental and even appropriately funny!
  5. Have your guests be part of the introductions and first dance! Have your entertainer ask the guests to gather around the dance floor to be closer to the introductions and truly feel a part of your first dance. You have asked people you love to gather for a special day so why not get them as involved and close to you as possible?

This is your special day to shine and spend some precious memorable time with family and friends. Get creative as you like. Remember there is no specific rule to great introductions, just great planning!

Have fun!!

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