Fun Dessert Ideas for Your Next Party

At any special event which involves a celebratory party, cake is usually a given. But what if you don’t like cake and it’s your party? Are you doomed to endure a classic dessert you don’t like just because it’s tradition? Of course not! Whether it’s a Sweet 16, Graduation party, or Wedding, it’s your special day and you should have the dessert you want. There are plenty of ways to turn your favorite dessert into a party-worthy treat, whether you love cookies, pie, or ice cream! Check out a few of our favorite ideas!


If you don’t like the idea of cake slices, or just can’t decide on one flavor, why not try cupcakes? These miniature cakes are like a specially made dessert for each guest. You can order a variety of flavors so everyone can get the flavor they like – from vanilla to chocolate to key lime. If you can imagine it, they can probably make it a cupcake flavor.

Having a party during the warmer months? Give guests a treat that will combat the heat: An ice cream sundae! You can set up an ice cream bar where guests can create their own sundae or pre-make these tasty frozen treats. It’s easy to scoop out ice cream before hand and keep it in the freezer till it’s time for dessert. Then set out a few toppings for guests to pile on like sprinkles, candy pieces, and chocolate syrup. Looking for a handheld treat? Serve ice cream sandwiches so guests can enjoy dessert on the go!

Unless it’s a holiday, like Thanksgiving, you don’t usually see pies on the dessert table, but this classic holiday dessert can be transformed into a gourmet treat for special occasions. If you love pie, switch out the cake for a slice of apple, blueberry, or coconut cream pie. Since pies are usually not too large, you can have a couple different flavors for guests to choose from. Make sure you have some vanilla ice cream handy to cool down those warm slices of pie.

If you just can’t choose which type of dessert to have, have a bunch! Just make each dessert a miniature version. With small, bite-size desserts guests can sample a wide variety of flavors from mini-cupcakes to cake pops or cookies! Then each person will get exactly what their sweet tooth was craving!

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