Getting Ready Playlist – How to Create the Perfect Pre-Party Mix

We all know the music at a party is important. It can set the mood and get everyone in the partying spirit. The music played while getting ready for a party, whether it is a wedding or sweet sixteen, is just as important. Make sure you get in the right mindset for a party with a great playlist. Check out these tips for creating the perfect getting ready mix.


Getting ready for a party can be boring. You may wake up excited for your big day but that energy can fade as you spend hours in hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Keep your energy levels up playing tons of upbeat music. If you’re getting ready for a wedding you don’t need to hear all those sappy love songs which may be romantic but can also put you to sleep. Play music that uplifts your mood. That song you play to motivate you while working out, put that on the list. Keep the music upbeat and fun.

The playlist should be personal. This is your party after all. Include songs that mean something to you. Songs that bring back great memories with friends are great additions to any playlist. It’s fun to play all your current favorites but don’t forget about the golden oldies. Those songs you couldn’t get enough of years ago will put a smile on your face while getting ready. They may even inspire you to get up and dance around the room.

The point of this playlist is to keep your energy level high while getting ready and inspire everyone to have a great time. Have fun while creating your playlist as well. You may even rediscover some favorite tunes.

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