How to Host a Boozie Brunch


Hosting a boozie brunch is all the trend these days. As we grow into our late twenties, thirties, forties, and so on, the desire to stay out past midnight starts to fizzle away. We begin to replace our morning rituals of popping Advil, restlessly lying in bed with Gatorade, and moaning in post-drinking regret with bacon, eggs, and mimosas. Boozie brunch is all about sitting down at a table with your close friends, conversing about your wedding and vacation plans, and complaining about Debbie in the cubicle next to you who clicks her gum and taps her pen way too loudly.

It’s great to go out on the town with your friends to the hip new brunch place that opened on the corner. However, it’s even better to host your own boozie brunch. Whether it’s for a bridal shower, baby sprinkle, or just an excuse to hang out with your besties, a boozie brunch is the perfect way to catch up with your closest compadres. Sure, it’s great to have the hot waiter serve you your turkey bacon, but it’s even better to whip up some sweet dishes in your very own kitchen while listening to your favorite top-40 jams.

There isn’t really exact guideline to hosting the ultimate boozie brunch. However, whenever there is good music, great friends, and yummy food and drinks…the good times just seem to roll! Adding pops of color with bright sunflowers or pretty peonies in mason jars adds a shabby chic touch to your table tops. Serving up breakfast and drinks buffet style also makes for a fuss free morning/afternoon.

And speaking of drinks, what is a quality brunch without those delectable cocktails? I mean almost every brunch place offers mimosas or bloody mary’s, so switch things up a bit and offer your pals a Mango-Raspberry Champagne Float. Seriously though, who can pass up a morning beverage that has dessert in it? And if your friends are more into that morning hangover bloody, then this Bloody Beer Blitz will have them asking for seconds and thirds…maybe even fourths.

Next stop, food. Whether you are a breakfast fan or not, we are literally salivating over these decedent entrees. Sincerely Nourished is serving up an easy Veggie Frittata Muffins recipe that is so simple you’ll have time to make extras before your guests arrive, because let’s face it, you’re definitely snacking on these bad boys while you party prep. We also highly suggest tossing together Drink the Days Banana Breakfast Muffins. They’re tasty and look super cute displayed in a large bowl for grabbing. We also suggest having bowls of fruit, granola, and yogurt for a do-it-yourself parfait bar. Lastly, sides of bacon, sausage, and veggies help ‘round out your food selections for a well-balanced and delicious selection.

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