how to make your wedding unforgettable

Every wedding is special, because there is no other love story like yours. Whether you choose to have a big celebration, or a small intimate wedding, there are so many ways you can make the event unforgettable for your guests.

Here are a few ideas on how to create that ever-lasting impression, and have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

Choreographed Dance

Personally, we’re BIG fans of the choreographed first dance. It’s surprising to your guests because they don’t expect it. Also, learning the dance with your soon-to-be is such a fun way to spend time between your busy wedding planning activities.

Some choreographed first dances to consider range from the tango, to a waltz, or even the jive.

Bonus points if you choose to choreograph a dance with your wedding party. Check out these groomsmen dancing to Crazy in Love by Beyonce.

Signature cocktail

During the cocktail hour, forget the Old Fashioned, the Side Car, and the Cosmopolitan. Instead, say cheers to a cocktail inspired by the newlyweds. You can work with a mixologist to concoct the perfect mix that’s just as sparkling as your love.

Come for the engagement party, stay for the wedding

Some couples invite their guests to an “engagement party” with the intention of surprising them with a wedding ceremony instead. That’s definitely one way to ensure your guests never forget your special celebration. Spontaneous and exciting. . . sometimes love can’t wait.

Choose a unique venue

You can’t go wrong with a traditional wedding venue, but choosing a unique space that complements your love story is sure to make your wedding unforgettable. Libraries, galleries, warehouses, and breweries are some examples of unique spaces that couples are choosing as their venue. We recently entertained at a wedding that took place at Philadelphia Magic Garden, an eclectic space with mosaic passages. How cool is that?

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