How to Pick Your First Dance Song – 4 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Song

How to Pick Your First Dance Song_4 Tips for Picking Your Wedding SongFor some, picking the song that you and your new life partner will dance to for the first time as newlyweds is simple. It’s the song you trademarked as yours since you began dating. But for others, picking your wedding song is a wedding planning task that doesn’t come quite as easy. For that reason, we compiled this list to help you pick your first dance song.

  • 1. The Lyrics Match Your Relationship

    This is the first time you will be introduced as a newly married couple. You want your first dance song to narrate your love for one another and mean something to the both of you. Look for songs that tell a tale similar to your love story.

  • 2. Pick Something From the Past

    Sure it’s easy to find a song from the top 40 hit list, but you want your song to be something that hasn’t been heard in a while, and you definitely don’t want your guests cringing or yawning when the song that starts playing is something they already heard 15 times that day. Going into the song vault doesn’t mean you have to pick something old and vintage (unless that’s the theme you’re going for-then totally go that route!) but try to pick something that the radio isn’t playing on repeat but brings back some form of nostalgia. For example, pick a song from the year you started dating.

  • 3. Stick to Tradition

    Some want nothing to do with tradition at their weddings and want to start everything fresh, but for those looking for something with a little extra meaning-stick to tradition. Do you know the song your parents danced to? Your grandparents? Try to find a cover of that song so it’s still unique to you but has some extra meaning behind it.

  • 4. Make it a Mashup

    Can’t pick just one song? Make it a mash up! Start with something slower and traditional and then transition into something that will get your guests ready to shake, rattle, and roll on the dance floor all night long! Or, better yet, pick a variety of songs that help tell your story and fade through the songs as you whisk each other across the floor. The beauty of a mashup is your choices are endless!

  • Some Song Choices to Get You Started….

  • Adele – Make You Feel My Love

  • Etta James – At Last

  • Fleetwood Mac – Songbird

  • Blake Shelton – God Gave Me You

  • John Michael Montgomery – I Love the Way You Love Me

  • Frankie Valli – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

  • Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon

  • Lucky – Colbie Caillat/Jason Mraz

  • Marry me – Train

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