Lakewood Country Club: Vicky & Teddy’s Story

C/O Victor Bubadias Photography

Vicky and Teddy met just shy of two years ago, when Vicky was teaching her soon to be husband’s niece, Lainey. Vicky and Teddy’s sister developed not just a parent-teacher relationship, but a friendship while Vicky was Lainey’s teacher. During this evolving friendship, it was suggested that Vicky and Teddy go on a date. Weeks before even meeting, Vicky and Teddy hit it off my texting back and forth. Once they met, it was the last time they would go on a first date again.

Fast forward a few months and Teddy proposed to Vicky at home after the Super Bowl. Teddy had planned a beach proposal, but it had been too cold outside in New Jersey for that, so after the Super Bowl, the duo were dancing and joking around and Teddy said he couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to marry her; which to that Vicky laughed and said “But I think we need a ring.” And much to her surprise there was the ring.
Vicky and Teddy later wed at the Lakewood Country Club in Lakewood, NJ. Our bride, Vicky, had a wedding dream that we were sure to deliver. Create Excitement provided this bride and groom with “Dancing Under the Stars Lighting”.

As our bride and groom danced to their first song as newlyweds, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud played. At the moment “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars” filled the air with melody, the ballroom transformed into an outdoor nighttime oasis.

C/O Victor Bubadias Photography

Vicky and Teddy truly brought their fairy tale to life this night.

Here’s what this awesome couple had to say about working with us on WeddingWire:

“Ben is the DJ you want for your wedding! He was simply amazing from beginning to end! He is extremely knowledgeable and patient! I just got married and I couldn’t be happier with the wedding! Everyone was dancing on the dance floor the whole night! All of my family members loved him and boy can he dance! He was teaching me how to do the wobble on the dance floor! And the price was perfect! He went above and beyond for our wedding! I’m so so happy!!”

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