Must-Needed Items for Your Wedding Day!

Must Needed Items for Your Wedding Day - Make sure you have these things to make your day go smooth

On your wedding day there are certain things you need to remember. Something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. Not to mention the ring, the dress, and a million other things that are running through your mind. We don’t want to add any more items to your checklist, but there are a few other things you need to have to help the day go smoothly.

This is your special day so you want to make sure you relax and enjoy it a little bit, even the getting ready process. Start your morning with a delicious coffee drink. Starbucks will even write on the cups; “Bride”, Maid of Honor”, Mmother of the Bride”, etc. It’s a fun way to start the morning with a caffeine buzz and get you in the wedding spirit.

Make sure you have a great playlist on while you get ready. Pick some of your favorite, feel good songs and play them. They may help calm you down when the makeup artist is late, someone forgets their shoes, or one of other little things that can go wrong. Just remember to breath and listen to your favorite song.

Try to have fun while getting ready. Make it an event for yourself and the bridal party. Make sure everyone has some comfy robes to wear while getting their hair and makeup done. Arrange to have a small spread of food available. Have orange juice, fruit, yogurt, other small snacks, and even a bottle of champagne available for everyone to munch on while getting ready. It’s going to be a long day so you want to make sure you eat the most important meal of the day!

You’ve finally managed to get yourself and everyone else ready. Make sure you have a beauty survival bag for those last minute touch-ups. It’s a good idea to bring a small can of hairspray, mascara, lipstick, powder, and some mints. You never know when you’re going to need to fix that makeup. Planning ahead can ensure you look great all throughout the day. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few Band-Aids, bobby pins, and safety pins too.

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