New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

What’s a better way to ring in the New Year than with a rocking party? We are here to help start your 2016 off with a bang. Check out these great ideas to use when planning your New Year’’s Eve Party. We will have all you, your friends, and family members counting down to the ball drop in style.


We all want to be able to scream, shout, and make noise as the clock chimes midnight. After you’ve shared your New Year kiss, break out those noisemakers. Make sure everyone has a nice selection of noisemakers to choose from. Place baskets filled with fun noisemakers throughout the party. This way, guests have easy access to them at midnight. If you hand them out at the beginning of the party, inevitably people will place them down, and lose them. Having them scattered around the party will make it easier to access when midnight is approaching.

Have a great playlist going during the party. Since we are celebrating the beginning of a New Year, let’’s remember those great hits from the previous year. Create a giant playlist to play throughout the night with the top hits of 2015. You can also create a playlist with the number one hits from previous years. Start at 1990 and work your way to 2015. You’ll have a nice mix of oldies and contemporary music everyone will enjoy listening to.

As the host, you are responsible for making sure everyone has everything they need during the party, but you should be able to enjoy your own party! Instead of getting up and serving everyone drinks and food, set up a self-serve bar area. Place some bottles of Champagne and Sparkling Cider, along with enough glasses for everyone and invite guests to serve themselves. Since the New Year’s Eve party is certainly going to go late, start the party late. You don’t need to serve guests appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Have guests come over after dinner and provide snack food and dessert. That way you won’t be worrying about keeping dinner hot and serving the next course.

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