Organize the Perfect Photo Montage

Photographs have always been popular, but they are now more than ever in an age where people are always carrying small cameras and camera phones to capture and share moments with friends. So why not share photos with guests at your wedding or special event? One great way to do this is with a photo montage. At Create Excitement we offer photo montages that will display your photos on our large screens during the cocktail or dinner segment of your reception and are set to the music of your choice.


How to organize the perfect photo montage:

If you’re choosing a photo montage, there are a few techniques that can make the montage even more special. When selecting pictures, a good method for going about it is to think of the montage as an opportunity to tell a story through photographs. If it’s a wedding you’re choosing a photo montage for, it will work nicely to start by doing a few baby pictures of the bride, then switch to the groom’s baby shots, then show photos of the bride when she’s a tad older, and alternate that way until you get to the first photographs of the couple together. Organizing it chronologically like this really visualizes the story of the newly-married couple. If you are making a photo montage for a graduation, birthday party, or a religious celebration and there is only one guest of honor, use the same model and start with baby pictures and work up chronologically to current pictures.

For whatever occasion the photo montage is for, try to include family and friends who will be attending. Use photographs that include people who will be at the event, that way they can see their part in the story. Another tip: everyone always goes nuts for the adorable baby pictures and the goofy shots, so be creative! Include posed and charming photos, but don’t forget the candid shots of mismatched outfits and funny faces.

A photo montage is something that always brings smiles to faces. It’s a way to bring back pleasant memories and share a story. This is why they are great at any occasion. At Create Excitement, all of our photo montages come with a DVD of the photos and music that you can keep and revisit. Even if you don’t have an event to display one at, you can give a DVD of one as thoughtful, personalized gift. A photo montage is the perfect add-on to any of our services too! And we will work with you to make a custom photo montage that is perfect for your event. Please see our photo montage page for more information about our services. Also, see our list of song suggestions.

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