Save the Date – Get Creative

You’ve gotten engaged, started planning your wedding and have picked a date. Now what? It’s time to send out those Save-the-Date cards. Save-the-Dates are a way to let everyone know to keep the day for your wedding open before you send out the formal invitations closer to the wedding. Save the dates don’t have to just be a boring card. You can get creative!


Many save-the-dates are a picture of the couple announcing the date of the wedding. These photos don’t have to be standard photos. Have fun with them! If you’re having a winter wedding take a picture with each of you playing in the snow. You can be on the ground making snow angels and the photo can be taken from above. You could be having a fake snowball fight. Have the photographer wrap the two of you in Christmas lights. The writing you choose to put around the picture can then match whatever style you’re going for.

If you don’t want to have writing around the picture of you two, take a picture of each of you holding a small chalkboard or poster board with “save the date” written on one and the date of the wedding written on the other.

While many couples decided to have a picture of them as the card you don’t have to. If you’re having a beach wedding the save the date could be a picture of each of your hands in the sand with a wedding band placed on the ring finger of each hand. You can use props to announce the date of the wedding. Take a picture of the bottom of his and her shoes. On the sole of each shoe have “save the date” and the date of the wedding.

You can get creative with the packaging of the save-the-date as well. Send out magnets instead of a card. Have the card look like a postcard. Make it a pop-up card so when the card is opened the picture or words can jump off the page.

Save-the-dates can speak to each couple individually. Do something that represents the two of you. The possibilities are endless.

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