Something Borrowed Something Blue Incorporating Traditional Aspects into your Wedding

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We’ve all heard the popular saying before. These are all things a bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day. While the trend this year is to stray away from traditional weddings, some brides may still want to incorporate a little bit of tradition into their special day. Who knows, it may even bring you good luck.

Something old and something new represent the bride’s old life (before she was married) and the future with her husband. The something new is easy. This can easily be the new wedding dress or shoes or flowers or really anything you have bought for the wedding.

You can get creative with the something old. Incorporate old photographs of loved ones who can’t be at the wedding into your bouquet. Tiny picture frames can be secured into the flowers or stems. Wear a piece of jewelry from a grandmother or relative like a broach. If you don’t want to wear the jewelry you can also secure it to your bouquet. You can also ask a seamstress to stitch an old ring or pendant into a pocket of your dress.

The jewelry you use for your something old can also count as your something borrowed. Or you can take this opportunity to wear those earrings you’ve always loved of your mother or aunt. You may not want to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown but you can repurpose a small piece of it for your own outfit. Make a small piece into a bracelet or hairpiece.

Something blue is where many brides get the most creative. Wearing blue is always an option. You may not want to wear a blue dress but how about a pair of blue shoes? If you don’t want to make a bold statement with completely blue shoes, paint the bottom of the soles blue or write “I Do” or the date of your wedding in blue on the soles. If the colors don’t clash place one or two blue flowers in your bouquet. Place a blue ribbon somewhere on your dress. Remember no one has to see your something blue either. You can wear a blue garter, blue toenail polish, or blue shorts under your dress. You could even stitch the wedding date into the inside of your dress in blue thread.

With many people breaking away from traditional weddings this year it may be fun to try to incorporate these four fundamental wedding traditions. And don’t forget a sixpence in your shoe!

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