Song Playlists for Any Party

The music played at your party, whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, sweet sixteen, or just a summer bash, is a big deal. If the music is good, guests will be on the dance floor having a great time. If it isn’t good, you may just have a room full of bored people staring at the wall. Here, at Create Excitement, we can help you create the perfect playlist to ensure everyone dances the night away. Here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing the music for your party.


Pick a theme for your party

Do you want it to be happy, reflective, nostalgic? If it’’s a sweet sixteen you probably want to stick with all happy and upbeat tunes. When you’re planning a graduation party you may want to throw in some older songs that represent childhood for the graduate. Whatever you decide the theme is, stick to it. If you mix and match you’’ll have a confusing playlist that could be full of top 40 hits and head banging metal.

Make a master playlist of all the songs you would like to be included

As you go through them later on you can always narrow down the list. It’s better to have too much music than not enough. This way you can make sure all your favorite songs will get played.

Don’t play too many songs by the same artist

You don’t want your playlist to be a greatest hits album. Mix things up by adding some new songs. Look for related bands to artists you already like and see if any of their music would work for your event. At Create Excitement we are always happy to offer suggestions for music that might work best for your party.

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