Summer Parties – Take advantage of the warm weather and throw a summer bash

Summer is almost here which means it is the season for summer bashes. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or just summer in general it’s a great time to get everyone together and enjoy the great outdoors. Planning a party in the summer means you have more possibilities when it comes to theme, decoration, and food.

The warm weather means everyone can now go outside instead of sitting in a venue or the house during a party. Take advantage of the weather while it lasts by throwing a pool party, garden party, breakfast brunch outside or even an outdoor movie party. If it gets too hot provide everyone with a pretty paper fan to cool down. Even if you’re throwing a graduation party this is a fun way to set your party apart from everyone elses. We’ve all been to typical graduation parties but how many have you been too where a feature length film was shown outside?

Since the party is outside there’s no need for fancy plates and silverware. Have fun with how you’re serving the food. You can buy or create little packages to hold the food, like small paper bags to hold appetizers. Pre-divide chips, nuts, or popcorn into paper holders so everyone can grab and go. It makes it so much easier to eat and socialize at the same time. Serve fruit on kebabs as a snack or dessert. This way instead of holding a bowl and spoon all you need is a kebab to safely eat your fruit. There’s less danger of making a mess as well!

One of the main obstacles during a summer party is keeping the bugs away from the food. When your guests are not eating cover the bowls with pretty flower pots. Plastic pots are inexpensive and a great way to keep the insects away. Attach a ribbon or string to the top so they can easily be lifted off when everyone is ready to eat. You can also protect your drinks in a similar manner with cupcake holders. Just poke a hole for the straw and everyone can drink without the fear of bees flying around.

Most importantly make sure the music is pumping and everyone is having a great time! Check out our Pinterest for more ideas.

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