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90’s Wedding Song Playlist

The 1990s was a hodge podge of musical genres paving the way for some of the most iconic musicians in music (well, atleast we think so). From grunge classics by Nirvana to hip-hop anthems by The Notorious B.I.G and pop masterpieces by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, the 90s offered an eclectic blend of musical […]

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18 Songs for Your Cake Cutting

As a married couple, the ceremonious cutting of your wedding cake is one of the first tasks you will complete together. Will you gently feed it to one another, as to not ruin the brides make up? Or will you try to be the first one to smoosh the cake in your partner’s face? Whichever […]

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25 Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist

Does the bitter winter weather have you itching for summer adventures consisting of long drives with the windows down and the warm air blowing through your hair? Have you pictured yourself in a convertible with your best friends blasting music and making memories? Well if you haven’t before, I’m sure you do now! Whether it’s […]

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