Take the Stress out of Party Planning; Easy Tips to Make Your Party Planning a Breeze

Does planning parties tend to cause you more anxiety and stress than fun and enjoyment? We are here to help. Stop stressing about decorations and food and just relax with these helpful tips.

Take the Stress out of Party Planning Easy tips to make your party planning a breeze

Can’t find the right bowl or plates when setting the table or putting out the appetizers? Improvise. Try to think outside the box a little. A nice wooden cutting board can serve as a cheese plate if you can’t find a tray. Cute wicker baskets can serve as bowls for chips with a cloth napkin placed inside. Gone are the days when everything needed to match. Mix-match is in! If the bowls and plates come from different china sets, it’s ok. This will give your dinner table more of a vintage feel.

Help people relax by turning down the lights. Skip the overhead lighting and turn on a few table lamps. Light a few candles to create an intimate, calming setting for a small dinner party. We know you don’t have time to completely redecorate your house, so just move some furniture to the sides of the room. Create an open space in the middle of the room so people can easily mingle. Cluster some chairs on the sides for those who want to sit down.

There is no need to decorate the whole house. Who has time for that? Instead place a few bouquets of flowers around the party space. The flowers instantly liven up the space and give it an upgraded feel with minimal effort. Keep the colors of the party neutral. Cream linen and plates let you add a few fun pops of color with the flowers.

Keep it simple with the food. If you’re a gourmet cook, great, show off your skills. But many of us are not master chefs. You don’t want to spend the whole party in the kitchen, so keep it simple with the food. Try to serve food that can be enjoyed cold or with a warming dish. That way you’re not constantly standing by the oven, waiting for dishes to be cooked. Check out our favorite easy to make appetizers here.

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