Should I Hire a Band or DJ For My Wedding? – The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a DJ

The music played at a wedding reception can make or break the party.

When planning your wedding it’s important to consider the different options available- either a band or DJ.Take these 5 reasons to hire a DJ into consideration when choosing your music selections.

  1. A DJ can play any song you want

    The musical tastes of the bride and groom may vary. A DJ can play a mix of songs that both parties will enjoy and expertly blend the two genres together. Instead of only being able to play the songs the band knows a DJ can handle crowd requests and find almost any song you would like played.

  2. The music never stops

    While a band is composed of live people who need breaks a DJ can play straight through the reception without a break. The music can adjust to the situation. When everyone is enjoying their dinner the music can play low in the background. After dinner it can pick up the pace and get everyone moving on the dance floor.

  3. A DJ can adjust to the crowd

    A band usually has a set they have rehearsed and they stick to it. A DJ can mix up his act. If there aren’t many people on the dance floor he can put on an upbeat song or crowd participation song to get the party started. With a DJ they can play a wider variety of songs depending on the demographic of the crowd. This way the younger and older members of the crowd can all find something they enjoy to get them moving on the dance floor.

  4. More room for the dance floor

    You need to remember to take into account the amount of space you have at your reception hall. A band will need more room than a DJ. A DJ is usually one person with some equipment. Depending on the size of the band you’ll need room for 4 or more people, all their instruments and sound equipment.

  5. DJ’s handle parties all the time

    While a band may be used to playing concerts where the music is the driving factor a DJ puts on a party. He can help emcee the event, introducing the bridal party and speeches like a pro. When the party starts to lag his skills can really change the mood and get everyone on the dance floor.

Remember to speak with your DJ before the event and tell them what you would like. Give your DJ a “Do Not Play” list and a “Must Play” list so you make sure you enjoy the music being played. This is your day and we are here to make it special for you.

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