Throw a themed Halloween party

Halloween is almost upon us. If you’re looking for an excuse for a party, here it is: throw a themed Halloween party. Here are some ideas to spark that party planning fire.

Pile of lit up jack-o-lanterns

Throw a costume party

Requiring everyone to come dressed in costume will get guests’ wheels spinning to come up with the perfect costume. At the party it will give everyone a chance to see everyone’s creativity.

Want to make the party more interactive? Have a pumpkin carving contest. Get pumpkins for all the guests and carving kits. You can find great websites online for free printable carving patterns or guests can create their own design and show off their creative side. While the pumpkins are being carved, roast the seeds in different flavors for guests to sample once their pumpkins are done.

Have a scary movie marathon

Rent a bunch of movies you have never seen or stick with the classics. Netflix has a whole section for Halloween Classics you can watch by streaming onto your computer.

No party is complete without the food

Try making some classic party foods with a scary twist. Put fake eyeballs in the punch for a freaky surprise. Freeze gummy worms into ice cubes, when the ice melts guests will get an unexpected surprise in their drinks. Try making pigs in a blanket but wrap the pigs like mummies with mustard eyes. And don’t forget the dessert! Stick with a classic: dirt pudding with gummy worms peaking out. Or try spider chocolate cupcakes. Draw a spider on the top of the cupcake with frosting. Stick pretzels in the cupcake to make the legs.

Of course, don’t forget to give us a call

Not only do we have your favorite songs, we also provide a video dance party with multiple screens showing your favorite Halloween music videos and clips from your favorite Halloween films.

For more Halloween party ideas check out our Halloween Pinterest Board!

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