Many couples opt for writing their own wedding vows. And we can’t think of a better way to truly express how you feel about your significant other, while making your “best day ever” so much more memorable. So if you’re considering this, here are some tips for writing your own wedding vows, brought to you by Create Excitement.  

Start with a story

Ease into your vows by sharing a memorable story. This story could be about how you met, a funny experience you shared, or even a story about how you knew your significant other was “the one.” A story makes your wedding vows uniquely yours, and gives your friends and family a unique view into why your relationship is so special.

Profess your love

Next, talk about your love for your partner. Talk about what inspires you most about your loved one, what you miss when they are not around, or the moment you realized you were in love. Spend some time focusing on all the attributes that make them special and why you love them so.

Make a promise

As you begin this new chapter in your life, what promises do you intend to uphold? Here’s where you mention all the ways you will be there for your partner. Whether you pledge to always support them, to be there during the good and the bad, or if you promise to never watch your favorite show on Netflix without them, make promises that emphasize your lifelong commitment.

What does the future look like 

Now talk about what the future looks like with this person. What dreams, passions, and goals do you intend to pursue as a couple? Where do you see yourselves one year after your wedding date? In five years? In twenty years? Paint a picture of the life you wish to create with your partner.

Religious, spiritual or traditional inspiration

If you are religious, spiritual or inspired by the traditions of your culture and background, feel free to include a verse, anecdote, or quote that complements your vows.

Final promise

Wrap up with your beautiful words with one final promise, like, “until death do us part” or “now and forever.” You may choose these time-tested phrases or come up with something uniquely yours.
We hope these tips for writing your own wedding vows make your words of love and devotion flow effortlessly. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this helpful template from

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