Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

As you’re planning your wedding, watch the video below for the top five questions every couple should ask their wedding DJ.

#1 – How long have you been a DJ?

It’s important to understand how long your wedding DJ has been in business. An experienced DJ knows the ins and outs of how a wedding flows, and is prepared for any unexpected moments during your event.

#2 Are you also an emcee?

Not only can a DJ provide the music for your wedding, they can also serve as a master of ceremonies, which sets the tone and the pace of how your wedding reception flows. Think of an emcee as your event host. Not all DJs provide this service, so make sure to ask.

# 3 What do your packages include?

Understand the DJs pricing structure upfront. Find out what’s included and what happens if your event runs over time. Also understand the payment terms prior to signing the contract.

#4 What equipment do you use?

An experienced DJ will show up to your wedding with all the right equipment, including microphones and a quality digital sound system. A good system goes a long way in making sure your wedding soundscape is perfect.

#5 Are you insured?

Ask upfront if the DJ is insured. Most wedding venues require third-party vendors to be insured, so it’s important to ask right away to avoid any last minute headaches the day of your event.

That wraps up our top questions to ask a wedding dj. If you’re looking for a wedding DJ in New Jersey or beyond, consider Create Excitement. We are insured and have more than 25 years of experience entertaining in hundreds of weddings and events. We provide event host services, in addition to creating a fun party through exciting music. We also offer flexible packages that will fit all your event needs, and we count on quality technology so that every detail of your wedding sounds perfect.

Learn more about our wedding services and packages. We’ll see you on the dance floor!

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