What Is A Baby Sprinkle?

Have you heard of a baby sprinkle? What is a baby sprinkle? It is a growing trend for existing mothers who are having a second, or third (or whatever additional number) child who already have a lot of the essentials, but just wants to celebrate with her friends. You may not have thought of hiring a DJ for this sort of event, but why not?

Baby Sprinkle Ideas
Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Not only will hiring the DJ make it a unique event, but think of the services we offer that can really make it a fun party. The baby sprinkle can be about the mother too! For example, why not have some karaoke? Pick some baby themed songs, or songs with a theme about the time of year the baby is due. Sure – why not sing Christmas carols in August for a December due date?


There is also the option of a photo booth, to capture all of the mother’s friends for maybe a scrapbook or album to share with the child when she is older.


Musically you can opt for maybe a cocktail hour, and have a mocktail hour instead with some fun non-alcoholic drinks. One idea for drinks is if you know the mother is having a boy to have blue colored beverages, and coat the rim of the glasses with sprinkles.


The food is fairly normal fare – finger foods, and appetizers. It is hard to do a colored food theme with blue, except for some blue themed deserts like cupcakes, Jell-O, and cookies. Another desert idea is blueberry ice cream with blue sprinkles, just to round out the baby sprinkle theme.


If it is a girl, you could opt for pink. If the sex is unknown, or you’d prefer to have a gender-neutral theme, perhaps rainbow sprinkles are the way to go. Food may be easier to plan around a rainbow theme anyhow.

Baby Sprinkle Ideas
Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Regardless, you have to have sprinkles! It is a baby sprinkle after all!


For party favors get some small bottles and fill them with sprinkles. Fill balloons with confetti pieces that are the same color theme. Get creative and most of all have lots of fun.

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