What to do After You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Once all the excitement has calmed down and you’ve told family and friends, what do you do next? It can be overwhelming thinking of all the many tasks you’ll have to do to plan the wedding and your new married life. We’ve compiled a simple checklist of must-do tasks once you get engaged.


  1. Set a budget for your wedding. If you don’t set a budget you may run into trouble later on when it’s too late to change things. Once you have the money conversation out of the way you can move on to other important aspects of wedding planning like drafting a guest list and picking out venues.
  2. Arrange your engagement photos. You’ll probably want to use some of these photos for your save-the-dates so make sure they are done in time. Remember it can take a few months to have photos developed, printed, and made into invitations.
  3. Select your bridal party. Don’t just choose that friend who is fun at parties. Make sure you choose people you trust and can count on. These are the people who will help ensure your special day runs smoothly.
  4. Start shopping for dresses and vendors for the reception. It may take some time to find the perfect bakery or catering company. You want to make sure you can find the exact vendor you want, not just have to choose the best you’ve seen because you ran out of time.
  5. Apply for a wedding license. It may not be the most glamorous of tasks before the wedding but it is extremely important. Make sure you apply at least 6 weeks before the wedding.

Remember to enjoy it! This is your special day and you deserve to have fun!

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